John Hawkins

The conservative movement and the vehicle that we use to implement our ideas, the Republican Party, have a number of problems right now that need to be addressed. For example:

Taking Care Of The Base: The first rule of politics is to make sure that your base is reasonably happy and if they're not, find a way to change that. Unfortunately, too many Republican politicians have forgotten that most basic of rules and they've allowed their biggest supporters to become dispirited and angry with them. Even the beatings that the GOP took in the 2006 election only partially shook George Bush and the Republicans in the Senate out of their stupor (To the House's credit, it seems to have gotten the message). This anger/malaise is reflected in the lack of conservative activism right now, the querulousness of many conservatives, and the fundraising gap that has sprung up between Democrats and Republicans.

Yes, maybe some conservatives do have unreasonable expectations of Republicans in Congress, but that's a reason for Republican pols to try even harder to make it clear to conservatives that their hearts are in the right place. The GOP absolutely cannot get back on track until conservatives feel that they are being well represented in DC and the Republican Party needs to make that happen.

Where's Our Soros? The conservative movement has had plenty of rich, civic minded members who haven't had a problem with greasing the wheels of democracy with a bit of lucre in the past, but the Left seems to be blowing our doors off in this area of late.

You can hardly turn around without finding some project funded by George Soros that's making a political impact, but when we look for conservatives to do the same thing, we hear crickets chirping. There aren't many conservatives who have enough money to make a big difference, but there are a few, and we need their help, now. If Soros and his limousine liberal pals are willing to spend the money while deep pocketed conservatives stand by and watch, the conservative movement -- and this country -- are going to suffer the consequences.

Practicality vs. Purity: Yes, we want politicians to live up to our expectations and when they don't, they can expect consequences. On the other hand, if we refuse to vote for a Republican politician every time he does something we don't like, we're going to be responsible for putting Democrats in office who don't agree with us on anything. That's the dilemma conservatives always have to deal with: practicality vs. purity.

John Hawkins

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