John Hawkins

At the end of George W. Bush's term, we'll have had a Bush or Clinton in the White House for 28 years. Will Americans really want more of the dynasties? In a time when the Democratic Congress has an approval rating in the lower teens, do Americans really want to promote a Washington insider like Clinton from the Congress they dislike so much to the presidency?

Then there are the words, "culture of corruption," that the Democrats made so famous in 2006. Well, no candidate outside of a prison cell exemplifies the culture of corruption quite like Hillary Clinton. This is a woman who was up to her neck in a crooked land deal, Whitewater, who got away with being bribed via dirty cattle futures deals, and the Clintons are the most notorious liars ever to inhabit the White House outside of "Tricky Dick" Nixon. Is that really the record of someone the American people will want in the White House in 2009 given their concerns about corruption?

It's also worth noting that the Democrats have run Northern liberals 4 times in recent elections -- George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Mike Dukakis, and John Kerry. All four times, the country has rejected them. The Democrats two successes in recent years, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, were both southern Democrats who successfully portrayed themselves as moderates and managed to carry southern states. Hillary Clinton is a very liberal carpetbagger who happily abandoned the South for New York and likely won't carry a single southern state. That means she fits in with the former group of liberal losers, not the latter group of faux-moderate successes.

Now, you can go on and on with Hillary Clinton's weaknesses: she's not charismatic, she makes a lot of gaffes, her husband is prone to drop his pants at any moment, the netroots really doesn't like Hillary, she will drive up GOP turnout like no other Democratic candidate could, she's pro-amnesty, and with her weak record on the war on terror, she wouldn't make a credible Commander-in-Chief. These are all issues that will certainly come out in a long, brutal campaign.

Again, Hillary is certainly capable of winning the presidency, but if she's the opponent that we have to face in 2008, it should suit Republicans just fine.

John Hawkins

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