John Hawkins

If you listen to the Democrats, you’ll hear that the war in Iraq was poorly planned and that Bush didn't think far enough ahead about the consequences of our actions in that country. Now that we have the benefit of hindsight, it's hard to argue with that. Bush should have done a better job of planning what came after that first "Mission Accomplished" banner when we'd defeated Saddam's armies in the field, but hadn't ended the resistance.

That being said, it's rather odd to have the very same people who have been bitterly complaining about Bush's poor planning before the war, doing no planning of consequence to deal with their choice to lose the war in Iraq to Al-Qaeda.

Why don't we hear people like John Murtha, James Webb, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi explaining to the American people why we're better off choosing to lose to Al-Qaeda today than continuing on to what may very well be victory next year? Perhaps they don't feel the need since the American people are tired of the war and since MSM outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times have for all intents and purposes acted like an arm of the Democratic Party when it comes to covering the war.

However, the consequences of cutting and running in Iraq or setting a timeline that pulls our troops out at a certain date would likely be catastrophic.

Consider the Iraqis who risked death to go vote at the polls. Think about the brave Iraqis who are literally fighting shoulder to shoulder with our troops to make their country safe for democracy. What would happen to them if we left before they could defend themselves? They'd likely be butchered by the hundreds of thousands, hung from lampposts, buried alive, and tortured to death in the streets. The level of violence and savagery could and very likely would ramp up to the level of genocide if we were to leave too quickly. Where's the honor and decency in that? How do we abandon millions of our friends and allies to die, perhaps only a few short months before they can defend themselves?

John Hawkins

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