John Hawkins

The amnesty bill in the Senate is undoubtedly one of the worst, most destructive pieces of legislation to come down the pike in the last half century and not only could it do cataclysmic damage to the Republican Party, it has the potential to send our country into a downward spiral from which it would never truly recover. Not only would this bill fail to secure the border, it would encourage millions of new illegals to pour into the country, demographically flood the conservative movement out of existence, add more than two trillion to the national debt, and it would set up a never ending cascade of amnesties that would permanently change our country for the worse.

First of all, let's start with the border. The problem with securing our border has always been that our politicians haven't wanted it to be secured. That's because the Democrats see every illegal alien who waltzes over the border as a potential voter and the Republicans in Washington don't want to cut off the supply of cheap labor to their allies in the business community.

Once you understand that, you know why George Bush has been dragging his feet on building the wall and why extremely effective programs, like Operation Vanguard in Nebraska, have been killed by the politicians: it's because they desperately want the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States to continue unabated. It's also why the "one time only" amnesty for roughly 2.7 million illegal aliens in 1986 has failed and why its much bigger, uglier stepsister in the Senate will fail again if this bill is passed -- because the politicians in D.C. only care about the amnesty and once they get it, they will methodically work to kill the enforcement and border security measures. So, if you don't get the security first, you won't ever get it.

Next, what will happen if we bring in 12-20 million illegal aliens? Well, first off, we don't know that 20 million would be the ceiling on the number of illegals. Because illegal aliens engage in document forgery the way most of us engage in breathing, it's entirely possible you could see millions of illegals pouring across the border, getting forged documents, and getting in on the deal -- and that's before the chain immigration starts that will bring in tens of millions more illegals to get in on the goodies Congress is ready to hand out with both hands.

John Hawkins

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