John Hawkins

The "stupid party" moniker has often been applied to the GOP, but seldom has it been more applicable than it is to today's Republican Party.

The Republican politicians, insulated from the real world in D.C., are too timid to take on the Democrats, too arrogant to listen to their constituents, and have an antagonistic attitude towards the grass roots activists who should be their biggest supporters. No matter how big of a screw-up the Democrats make or how outrageous their behavior is, they can also count on their Republican pals across the aisle to meekly cut them a break while simultaneously going out of their way to irritate conservatives.

Despite the fact that the Democrats in Congress currently have a disapproval rating higher than the GOP numbers before the 2006 election, it's hard to imagine the GOP taking back the House or the Senate in 2008 because you can't beat something with nothing -- and that's what the GOP is offering the American people right now, nothing.

One of the GOP's biggest strengths should be foreign policy. And although we're stuck backing an unpopular war in Iraq right now because it's the right thing to do, it would be fair for people to ask what George Bush is doing about North Korea's nukes or Iran's attacks on our soldiers and march towards nuclear weapons. The answer, as far as anyone can tell, appears to be nada.

Meanwhile, we've got Hezbollah setting up shop in South America and hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pouring across our Southern borders while the Bush Administration is refusing to build the border wall that was signed into law last year. Moreover, the GOP in the Senate is adding to the problem by preparing to sign onto an illegal immigration amnesty bill, written by Ted Kennedy, that will kill them at the polls in 2008.

Even when it comes to spending and small government, the two areas that should form the backbone of the modern Republican Party, we're seeing very little positive action. George Bush has been the biggest spender ever to sit in the White House and although the GOP has improved marginally in fighting wasteful spending since the Democrats took over, they certainly haven't convinced anyone that they have much in common with the 1994 Republican revolutionaries who were responsible for balancing the budget in the Clinton years.

Then there's our Party leadership.

John Hawkins

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