John Hanlon

Posted January 24, 2014

“I can’t fake it,” then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney said as the political advisers and family members nearby deflated. They knew what that meant.

Posted January 11, 2014

It’s hard not to appreciate the sacrifices our military—and their families— make after seeing this brutal and oftentimes realistic feature. The film’s impact might not be remembered as strongly ten years down the line but the immediacy of each man’s love for his brothers and their patriotic fervor for this country will be hard to forget.

Posted June 27, 2013

“The more I study the war… the less I understand it,” director Ron Maxwell noted in a recent interview about his latest film, Copperhead. The noted filmmaker—who previously helmed Gettysburg (1993) and Gods and Generals (2003) — explores the battle from a unique viewpoint in his new drama.

Posted March 10, 2013

It’s no surprise that many Hollywood actors and actresses are on the left side of the aisle. But what is a surprise -- and a nice one at that -- is to see some of them stand by their ideology even when many liberals on Capitol Hill will not.

Posted January 05, 2013

Matt Damon’s latest film “Promised Land” arrived in theaters nationwide yesterday with a focus on the controversial issue of fracking. Written by Matt Damon (who won an Oscar for co-writing “Good Will Hunting”) and John Krasinski (“The Office),” the story focuses on a small community that is asked to debate the merits of the process when a large corporation arrives in town wanting to buy much of the local land.

Posted December 27, 2012

It isn’t unusual for an unsuspecting viewer to walk into a movie theater expecting two hours of mindless entertainment only to be surprised by a liberal political message that overshadows the proceedings.

Posted November 16, 2012

Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” is a different film than one would expect from the brilliant filmmaker responsible for ageless films like “Schindler’s List” and “Saving Private Ryan.”

Posted October 12, 2012

There are only a few books that have proven as ageless and important as Ayn Rand’s novel, “Atlas Shrugged.” Even now, the book- which was originally published in 1957- is routinely the subject of political debates. It has even received renewed attention during this political season because of Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s longtime fondness for Rand’s work.

Posted September 23, 2012

At the National Book Festival earlier today, I spoke to Woodward about what made Obama -- who spoke out against our nation’s ruinous spending policies both before and after becoming president -- carelessly accept trillions of dollars of more debt under his watch. “The answer is politics,” Woodward said. “That’s why the book is called the price of politics.”

Posted June 04, 2012

In the early 20th Century, the Mexican people banded together and fought a war against their overzealous government which was infringing on their religious rights. And although the Cristero War was an important event in that nation’s history, many Mexicans don’t learn about it in public school because it embarrasses the government, according to actor Eduardo Verástegui.”

Posted March 27, 2012

Growing Pains actor Kirk Cameron thinks that America is off track. He’s concerned about our country’s future and he believes that we have to look to history to find “the secret sauce” that made our nation so great in the first place. With that in mind, his new documentary Monumental focuses on Cameron’s attempt to retrace our forefather’s journey in order to better understand how our nation came into being.

Posted March 26, 2012

“I’d never heard of abortion survivors” before I read the script for October Baby, John Schneider told me in a recent interview about his new film.

Posted March 11, 2012

In the run-up to the airing of the HBO movie “Game Change,” its detractors were told that the movie was fair and that the filmmakers tried to make it “as balanced as possible.” That it wasn’t just two hours of Sarah Palin-bashing. Now that the movie has aired, their defenses have been undermined by the truth.

Posted March 02, 2012

Although I was never close enough to consider myself a friend of Andrew Breitbart,I always considered him an invaluable and fierce ally in the fight for conservative values. I only met him a few times but as a longtime contributor to one of his websites, I will be eternally grateful for the opportunities he provided for conservatives like me to write and engage in the political debate.

Posted February 29, 2012

“Each day we remained unrescued made me wonder if we were worth saving,” Douglas MacKinnon writes in his new memoir, “Rolling Pennies in the Dark.” The highly-readable and emotionally-charged book tells the story of MacKinnon as he rose from devastating poverty to the heights of political power.

Posted February 27, 2012

“We thought that Hollywood’s misrepresented their community for so long that it would be great to get their story authentically told,” director Scott Waugh said about his new film, “Act of Valor.”

Posted January 13, 2012

“We shall stand on principle or we will not stand at all,” Margaret Thatcher (Meryl Streep) states late in the new film, “The Iron Lady.” The movie- which explores the life of the masterful former prime minister of England—attempts to show the conservative politician in both her glory and in her latter years. In doing so, it successfully portrays Thatcher’s political successes but stumbles along the way by focusing too much on her health after her tenure as prime minister.

Posted January 11, 2012

Many celebrities in Hollywood use the platform that fame provides to promote their favored political causes and candidates. From Sean Penn to Matt Damon to Jane Fonda, famed actors and actresses—who are oftentimes on the extreme left of the political spectrum-- use their power and influence to support their personal ideologies. Roma Downey is different.

Posted November 22, 2011

“That was really an accident,” Mitch Albom recently called the publication of his first nonfiction book, “Tuesdays with Morrie.” At the time, the sports columnist was just trying to earn money to help pay his former professor’s medical bills. However, when the book was published, it became something more. An international sensation. It also changed Albom’s life.

Posted November 11, 2011

It’s difficult to dislike Clint Eastwood. He’s an excellent director and a fine actor, who is openly conservative in a town that often disdains them. Many of Eastwood’s films have avoided politics but his new film “J. Edgar” will likely open up a political debate because of its depiction of J. Edgar Hoover, the long-serving former director of the FBI