John Hanlon

Clocking in at a brisk 94 minutes, the film focuses its first third on the primary race in 2008, and its latter two sections on the 2012 general election—after Romney has decimated the relatively-weak primary field. In the presidential campaign, the documentary shows the Governor at his humblest. He speaks out about the good fortune that he was born into and his incredible pride for his father. After noting that his Dad—Michigan Governor George Romney— began life with nothing and ended up a successful businessman and politician, Mitt concedes “I started where he [George] ended up.”

For fans and critics alike, it’s hard not to admire and like the man himself (who, in one scene, even irons his own suit jacket while wearing it) after seeing this feature. It’s also hard not to look differently at presidential candidates, who know from history alone, how much of a sacrifice running for president is.

“My time on the stage is over, guys,” Romney says at the end, and it’s true. It’s just tough to think that while he was on the stage, we didn’t get to see him as he really was.

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John Hanlon

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