John Hanlon

Although some of the characters are underwritten, there’s a humanity and sympathy that we feel for each of them. When the story opens, Murphy is looking for the perfect wedding present for his fiancé and idealistic enough to believe that buying her an Arabian horse is in his budget (it’s not). Another is worried about the color palette for his home and that sense of blatant household normalcy is what he holds onto, even when the enemy surrounds him and has nearly destroyed him.

It’s hard not to appreciate the sacrifices our military—and their families— make after seeing this brutal and oftentimes realistic feature. The film’s impact might not be remembered as strongly ten years down the line but the immediacy of each man’s love for his brothers and their patriotic fervor for this country will be hard to forget. Berg and his crew— especially the multi-talented Wahlberg— have done a fine job in bringing this heartbreaking and painful story to the big screen. It’s hard to watch but worth it, if only to appreciate the love, humanity and the honor that exists in a world where there can be so much hatred.

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John Hanlon

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