John Hanlon

The sequel hits theaters less than four weeks before voters enter their polling places and cast a vote for the next president of the United States and Aglialoro stated that he and many of his advertisers pushed for the film to come out before the presidential election. He noted that although scheduling the movie before the election forced them to “quicken the pace” of production, it “worked to the advantage of financing the movie because a few of the investors did state… that they were very enthused and interested in and incentivized in their investment by having it come out before the election. And I felt exactly the same way.”

Aglialoro and I also spoke about politics today and if people should be concerned about the government becoming as powerful as it is depicted as in the film. He responded as a businessman himself noting that “the enemy of the entrepreneur is the politician and [that] the politician is like a barking dog.” With that in mind, he argued that entrepreneurs should always be wary of politicians getting too close because entrepreneurs run the risk of getting bitten.

He went on to note that the movie doesn’t seek to change the minds of politicians—whose minds do not provide “fertile soil” for ideological shifts that would benefit entrepreneurs—but to influence the electorate, who choose the politicians that run the government.

As for a third film that concludes the series, Aglialoro said that a third movie would definitely be made after the election.

“I think the only question as for part three will be how massive a budget and how massive an effort,” he said.

John Hanlon

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