John Hanlon

In publicizing the film, Cameron has faced some tough questions about his own faith. While on Piers Morgan’s show a few weeks ago, the actor was confronted with questions about morality, homosexuality and abortion. And Cameron told me that he was unprepared for such questions and he was surprised how “disingenuous Morgan was.” Cameron told me that he went on the show to talk about his movie, not his personal religious beliefs.

His appearance and his statement that homosexuality is “unnatural” caused a lot of controversy but when I talked to Cameron, he was more focused on his film but he noted that as a Christian, he’s “called to love all people and not hate anybody and I don’t.”

Cameron’s new movie Monumental will be screened tonight in limited theaters as a one- night engagement. Click here to find a theater closest to you and also make sure you check out’s own Daniel Doherty interview Cameron at CPAC 2012.

John Hanlon

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