John Hanlon

But in talking about the political debate that surrounds contentious issues like abortion, Schneider said that people should be free to engage in a free exchange of ideas about politics. “I don’t think that people should be afraid of something that might challenge what they currently believe in,” he said. He wasn’t referring to the movie itself but to the idea that people are often closed-minded about listening to and engaging in debates with people of other political persuasions. He added that he used to love going on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher to engage in such a debate.

Regardless of your feelings about the issue of abortion, October Baby does offer up a unique perspective. The film does offer up its share of values but it’s accessible to believers and nonbelievers alike. And Schneider, who was a co-founder of the Children Miracle Network, is excited for people to watch it and talk about it.

“I would love to be privy to the conversations people have on the way home,” he said.

John Hanlon

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