John Hanlon

In addition to a spiritual journey, Estevez noted that “The Way” is not unlike “The Wizard of Oz,” adding that one of the main characters in the film could be compared to “The Tin Man.” He said that Sarah (Deborah Kara Unger), a pilgrim that Tom meets on the path who regrets an abortion she had years earlier, could be compared to that character because of what she lost after the “awful choice that she made.” Through her character, Estevez said, he “wanted to give a voice to the unborn.”

In many ways, Estevez sees “The Way” as “tonic for the soul.” “Pessimism and cynicism are the low-hanging fruit." He said, adding that "they‘re the easy grab.” His film, he noted, encourages people to reach higher on up the tree.

The director hopes that people who are tired of current Hollywood fare embrace his film because its success will be earned through good word of mouth. Estevez said that he’s “disappointed by a lot of stories” that Hollywood releases today and he said that Hollywood is ultimately responsible for the content it puts out. He hopes that people show their discomfort with most current films by embracing “The Way.”

“If you want Hollywood to pay attention,” Estevez added, “you have to support movies like this and not keep going to the crap.”

“The Way” is in theaters now.

John Hanlon

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