John Hanlon

“The Way” has been embraced by a lot of religious organizations who appreciate its message and its focus on faith. Interestingly enough, its story is similar to Sheen’s own religious journey. Sheen himself was a lapsed Catholic who backed away from the Church only to accept it into his life years later. In a recent interview on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” Sheen discussed his religious struggles and why he remains to this day, a pro-life Roman Catholic. Although some viewers may be turned off by Sheen’s liberal politics, it’s impressive to hear him talk about staying true to his faith despite the Hollywood culture that surrounds him.

As a film, “The Way” should be admired both for what it isn’t and for what it is. It’s not a film with a lot of special effects or plot twists. It’s simply a story about a man on a spiritual journey who is mourning the death of his own son.

Early on in the film, Tom flashes back to a conversation that he had with his son. During it, Daniel turns to his father and says “you don’t choose a life, Dad. You live one.”

“The Way” is the journey of a man who started living one and who found faith along the way.

John Hanlon

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