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Since he originally visited the Sudan, Childers noted that the situation has improved and that South Sudan now has its independence. “There hasn’t been anyone killed in Northern Uganda in three years,” he said adding that “there hasn’t been anyone killed around the orphanage in two years.” However, that doesn’t mean that the situation is settled. Childers noted that Joseph Kony, the head of the LRA, has abducted over 1000 people and killed over 200 individuals this year alone.

Keller worked hard to make the film as accurate as possible, even visiting the Sudan to interview some of the children featured in the film. Although the timeline in the film is off, Childers stated that “they’ve done an unbelievable job to take 30-plus years and put into a two-hour movie.” “When you sell your life rights to Hollywood,” he said, “you don’t know what the end result’s going to be.” However, he said that everything in the film “is based on the truth.”

Nowadays, Sam spends about seven months of the year in the Sudan. Wherever he is, his faith in Jesus Christ goes with him and he spreads a religious message.

“Every Sunday, I’m preaching somewhere,” he said. He also noted that he hasn’t gone back to drinking and drugs for twenty-something years. He often spends his weekdays visiting high schools and talking to teens about the dangers of using drugs. The dangers of drugs are clear to him from both his firsthand experience and from losing his own son to heroin.

Childers hopes that after the movie comes out, the story becomes less about him and more about the audience and what they can do to help. He helped found a nonprofit called the “Angels of East Africa” that people can donate to. If you’re not comfortable donating to that organization, he said that people should find another nonprofit they are comfortable with.

Regardless, he said that there is something everyone can do to help the children in the Sudan.

John Hanlon

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