John Hanlon

In a presidential campaign where not all of the Democratic candidates in the competition believe that a War on Terrorism actually exists, the efforts of conservative organizations such as will be critical to the ongoing debate about how our nation can defeat the terrorists who threaten us throughout the world. After a week in which Harry Reid said that the war in Iraq is lost, an article in the Washington Post on April 30th cited the efforts of in encouraging our elected leaders to stay on the offensive in the war on terror.

The article stated that “Activists on both sides of the impasse are mobilizing against compromise [in the war in Iraq]…the conservative Web site has launched a pressure campaign with petitions and call-in efforts to lawmakers and talk radio, encouraging policymakers to ‘stay the course on the war on terror’.” While many politicians are floundering on this issue and offering criticisms where ideas are warranted, is standing up to encourage politicians to stay on the offense in the War on Terrorism, which began before the War in Iraq started and will continue after that war is ended.

In the Democratic debate last week, the candidates on stage spent their time criticizing the Bush administration and its mistakes without offering much in the form of ideas for how the United States can continue to wage the war on terror and defend itself against our enemies. Our country must continue to be vigilant against the ongoing terrorist threat and we must improve our intelligence capabilities to understand and prepare for the threats that our nation faces. However, instead of talking about such ideas, the Democrats spent their time on stage last week not talking such plans for the future. They just continued to criticize the president and the past without bringing any new solutions or ideas to the table.

That is not true leadership. Nor will such rhetoric protect this country against future terrorist attacks.

John Hanlon

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