John Cornyn

The Senate-passed bill provides protection against lawsuits for firms acting in good faith on government requests for help. This lawsuit protection is necessary to make certain they can protect their shareholders from legal expense even while they do their part to keep Americans safe.

Top U.S. intelligence officials have confirmed that in the week after Congress allowed the Protect America Act to expire, our country lost significant national security information. We are asking our troops and intelligence officials to operate with one hand tied behind their back. We are less safe than we were before Feb. 16.

National defense is the first duty of our federal government. Good intelligence helps protect our troops and win wars. Undercutting it hampers our efforts to defend ourselves, and endangers the lives of Americans. Our nation is grateful to Cpl. Ryan Collins, his family and the sacrifices of those who help protect our country. I will fight to reverse the recent lapse in judgment by Congress, and ensure our intelligence community and security forces have every tool available to keep us safe. We owe that to our citizens, and to the memory of Cpl. Collins.