John Boehner

The real and considerable threats posed by al Qaeda and other terrorists are not going away. Do we aggressively confront these threats in Iraq and elsewhere, or retreat from the fight? Republicans fundamentally understand that retreat is not a "new way forward" when the safety and security of future generations of Americans are at stake. During each of the Democratic attempts to choke off funding for American troops or tie the hands of our generals, Republicans stood united in support of our soldiers and victory over radical jihadists. Just weeks ago we approved the resources requested by Gen. David Petraeus; Republicans want to give him time for his strategy to succeed because the consequences of failure in Iraq are ominous.

When you look back at the last several months, it's clear the Democratic majority hasn't gotten much done. They've named some post offices and some roads, protected one of their own from being reprimanded and impeded an investigation of another for violating House rules, plotted to hide billions in spending from public view, spent a whole week on a single nonbinding resolution, and failed to meet their own "Energy Independence Day" deadline for dramatic energy legislation.

Granted, one major piece of legislation has been signed into law: a troop funding bill that passed only because of Republican support. House Republicans recently released a report, "The Top 100 Broken Promises by Democrats," which chronicles the astounding divide between what Democrats promised and what they've delivered. After some 200 days in office, American families are still waiting for Democrats to deliver on their promises.

Republicans have a long way to go in our effort to earn back the majority, but the last several months have shown we are united and proving our commitment to delivering a federal government that will guarantee the freedom and security Americans expect; a government that is smaller, less costly and more accountable - one that will secure our borders and protect Americans from attack by radical jihadists.

The American people sent Republicans a message last fall. We've listened. Seven months into the 110th Congress, Republicans are keeping their promises to the American people; it's fair to say the majority can't say the same.

John Boehner

John Boehner is the Republican Minority Leader for the House of Representatives.

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