John Andrews

Two: A parents’ revolt against classroom fraud is imminent. Downfall awaits the naked emperor of teachers unions that don’t teach and college faculties that indoctrinate, all at gold-plated prices. “Let our kids learn” is the new civil rights battle cry. Who will light this tinderbox?

Three: Let a reborn belief in the dignity of work, saving, sound money, and self-reliance arise from the economic ashes of 2008. Hold up deficits, debt, inflation, and something-for-nothing to public shunning. Away with economic make-believe.

Four: Americans know decency when they see it, and many want to see more of it. What corrupts children, demeans women, degrades men, divides families, and corrodes civilization doesn’t belong in the public square. Marginalize it with shame, not laws. It’s time to retire political correctness and bring back old-fashioned disgust.

Noble ideals of goodness, the dignity of a dollar earned, the honest love of learning, and the warning to all enemies, “Don’t tread on me” – such attitudes used to be as American as the flag and as bipartisan as the Bill of Rights. Why can’t they be again? If we worked as hard at spreading them as we do at electing candidates, they could.

True, attitudes change slower than policies. Obama’s first 100 days will bring policy changes we may not like. It could be a long four years. But our four goals have the facts on their side, and facts are stubborn things. My old pastor friend would say it’s up to us.

John Andrews

John Andrews is former president of the Colorado Senate and the author of "Responsibility Reborn: A Citizen's Guide to the Next American Century"