Joe Young

NARAL attacked web-search advertising because it has been highly effective in providing information to women in crisis. According to a recent Pew study, 58 percent of individuals turn to the Internet for information and advice when facing a major life decision. That is higher percentage of those that turn to friends, family or professionals. NARAL knows that women facing an unexpected pregnancy will go online for information and advice, and they don’t want them to find alternatives to abortion. They want them to feel abortion is the only option.

The anti-life coalition might think this is a step towards silencing the pro-life moment, but they are sadly mistaken. If you search for abortions in your area, you are almost guaranteed to find ads placed by CPCs. It turns out that far fewer of the ads were as “deceptive” as NARAL thought. These ads claim to offer information about abortions, which is exactly what CPCs do. They offer honest and accurate information about the potential risks and side effects of abortion women may not hear anywhere else without a financial interest in her “choice.”

The pro-life movement and Heroic Media have faced challenges like this before. In 2013, Heroic Media placed ads supporting the 20-week abortion restriction laws which were pulled from major publications. Due to the rejection, the ad was picked up on far more platforms than originally intended.

No matter how the anti-life movement tries to silence us, we will continue to have a voice. We will continue offering women hopeful alternatives to abortion, because we believe women have the right to make decisions armed with all options and information available. We will continue to speak out because we have the best interests of the woman and her baby at heart.

Joe Young

Rev. Joe Young is Vice President of Operations and Strategic Initiatives at Heroic Media and is responsible for the oversight and implementation of Heroic Media’s strategic initiatives as well as overall operations. Prior to joining Heroic Media, Young served as the Executive Director of Option Line, Vice President of External Relations for Care Net and Vice President of Ministry Support for Heartbeat International.