Joe Scarborough

This is no time for the type of silliness that has infected the Democratic Party. And it is no time for the type of stubbornness and shortsightedness that has marked the Bush administration’s Iraq policy over the past several years. George W. Bush and his most strident allies in Congress tell us there is a war on terror that spans the globe. They tell us threats are multiplying by the day in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and in radical Muslim groups that know no boundaries. And yet they act as if the war on terror begins and ends in Iraq!

The Bush administration’s policy of loading all their chips on one country makes as much sense as Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower deciding in 1942 that he would move all of his troops to North Africa. That he and FDR decided that World War II would be won or lost against the Desert Fox, regardless of what was happening on the western or eastern fronts or in Italy or the Pacific. How would historians have treated FDR if he had told the Americans that a retreat from North Africa would amount to a total surrender of our country to Nazi Germany? Not very well, I would guess. So, why is that exactly what the Bush administration is doing now?

Tying down the fastest and most powerful fighting force in the history of mankind—a force that could sweep into any capital on the face of the earth within a month but is instead getting blown up by the crudest of improvised devices and walking around Iraq with targets painted on their backs? It is insanity! And I say that not as a dove, but as a hawk.

I say that as a hawk who wants the radicals in Iran to know that we have the ability to sweep into their country, destroy its nuclear program, incapacitate its armies, and try to kill its leaders. And after doing that, getting our troops out of Iran until such time that we have reason to believe it once again wants to follow through on threats to destroy the United States of America.

Tonight, our troops are stretched so thin in Iraq that the Iranians and our enemies are emboldened. They know we have a president more obsessed on history’s verdict than the global war on terror. That has to change. And it has to change with Republicans in Congress who have reflexively supported our president over the past several years even when challenging him would have been better for Mr. Bush, the Republican Party and America.

It is time for Republicans and Democrats to start worrying about the safety of Americans more than the strength of their political parties. We are in a war on terror. Our enemies want to kill our families and destroy our country. They hate us. Not because we love freedom, but simply because we are not radical Muslims. It is time to focus on the real enemy and time for our leaders to get serious. The American hour is upon us and how we respond today will determine whether we win a war where nothing less than our civilization is at stake.

Joe Scarborough

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