Joel Mowbray

When John Kerry was caught lying?by my investigative news article in last Monday's Washington Times?for repeatedly claiming that he had met with the ?entire Security Council? in October 2002, it fit a disturbing pattern: the Democratic candidate for president is a serial self-aggrandizer.

The prevarications often have a seed of truth?though sometimes probably not even that?which are then dressed up to an extraordinary degree in order to make him seem more heroic, more important, more presidential, and sometimes, more human. 

He is a politician, of course, and tall tales are often no taller than on the stump.  But with Kerry, it?s different.  The lies are so varied and so frequent that it appears to rise to the level of character flaw, perhaps even bordering on pathological.

This from a man who has made honesty and integrity cornerstones of his campaign.

The latest lie?discovered, anyway?had to do with Kerry?s numerous assertions, as recently as the second debate, that he had met with ?all of? the members of the UN Security Council.  On at least five occasions, Kerry said he had met with the entire 15-member panel.

Considering that only three times since 1952 has the entire committee convened outside of chambers, it would have been unprecedented for a single Senator?especially one who in October 2002 was a relative unknown outside of Massachusetts?to get them to do so for the fourth time in 52 years.

Why would he lie about something that could be so easily checked?  Calling the UN mission for every country then on the Security Council, the UN press office, and eventually five ambassadors who were on the panel, it was not difficult to determine that Kerry came nowhere close to meeting all 15 members.  Even the French ambassador contradicted Kerry.  (Fox News has since reported that Kerry only met representatives of four countries, which my reporting confirmed included France, the city-state of Singapore, and the former French colony of Cameroon.)

The only logical explanation is that Kerry believed he would not get caught.  And the only way he could have thought that is if he fibs frequently?with impunity.  Once the first batch of lies are swallowed whole by a fawning media and a supportive or apathetic public, then the next round flows more freely. 

Joel Mowbray

Joel Mowbray, who got his start with, is an award-winning investigative journalist, nationally-syndicated columnist and author of Dangerous Diplomacy: How the State Department Threatens America's Security.

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