Joel Mowbray

When seniors are about to lose their Social Security, pregnant women are about to be denied necessary health care, and the middle class is facing economic ?disaster? all to line the pockets of corporations and the wealthy, it?s that time of year again: Democrats stopping at nothing to win in November.

But the difference this year is that John Kerry is personally spewing the kinds of nonsense normally only voiced by the half-cocked likes of Rep. Maxine Waters. 

To listen to the Massachusetts liberal, Bush has a ?secret plan? for eliminating Social Security and reinstating the draft.  The ?plans? are so ?secret,? in fact, that only Kerry knows about them.

Most of Kerry?s attacks are battle-tested Democratic themes of the GOP sucker-punching seniors, children, women, and minorities in order to benefit well-off white males and their corporate cronies.  At least one prominent Kerry charge, though, sets a new low?a tough feat, indeed.

In recent days, Kerry has been vying for the youth vote?and possibly their parents??by ominously warning that re-electing Bush would create ?the great potential of a draft.?  He has repeated the charge at rally after rally.  Never mind that it is simply not true.  Not even close.  Yet that doesn?t stop Kerry.

Taking the oldest page from the Democratic hymnbook, Kerry is telling seniors that their Social Security checks will be slashed.  Ted Kennedy?s more conservative counterpart is fond of whipping up audiences by warning of a ?January surprise??should Bush be re-elected?that would result in seniors? Social Security benefits being cut almost in half.

Once again, not true.  Not even close. 

What Bush has proposed?and ran on four years ago?is allowing younger workers the option of diverting a small portion of their payroll taxes (roughly 2% of their income) into a personal account, along the lines of a 401(k).  No one in or near retirement would see any cut in benefits.

If John Kerry wants to criticize changing the nature of Social Security from social insurance whose retirement program greatly discriminates against blacks and Hispanics and converting it into a wealth-building tool, that?s fair game.  But his attacks on the entitlement are so outrageous that even the New York Times threw a red flag.

Kerry, however, is not content to scare voters merely about their finances.  He?s now claiming that Bush is bad for your health.

Joel Mowbray

Joel Mowbray, who got his start with, is an award-winning investigative journalist, nationally-syndicated columnist and author of Dangerous Diplomacy: How the State Department Threatens America's Security.

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