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The massive anti-GOP protest rally in Manhattan Sunday was best defined by the pyromania that the mainstream media buried or ignored: an alleged arsonist set fire to a float?a paper mach?ragon?within spitting distance of Madison Square Garden, while someone was inside the float, according to a law enforcement figure.  (Two people were burned, including one police officer, though neither was seriously injured.)

Befitting the whole event, the most prominent posters around the conflagration at 34th St. and 7th Ave. were for the group United for Peace and Justice.  The alleged arsonist doubtlessly was a supporter of UPJ?the entire 100,000+ demonstrators most likely were?yet this (alleged) pyromaniac must have a different definition of ?peace and justice? than the rest of us.

Exhibiting enormous restraint, the NYPD did not shut down the freak show.  The demonstrators had but a brief interruption, and then they were on their merry way.  (According to one NYPD officer on the scene, a veteran of numerous demonstrations and parades, ?There is no way anybody else could have continued after starting such a big fire.)

True to the demonstrators? nature, rather than pointing out the (alleged) arsonist, nine protesters were arrested for attempting to block police officers from arresting the person who could have potentially murdered all of them.  Talk about brotherhood.

Most of the demonstrators who followed a good distance behind (at least 200 yards) had no clue what had happed ahead of them, yet when told by this columnist, none had negative words about their leftists-in-arms.  Apparently, (alleged) arson is not a great sin when committed by an avowed leftist.

Demonstrators may have been reluctant to criticize their own, but many did not seem to know against what they were protesting.

Some were at months out of date, others decades.  Perhaps the most popular sign was one that read, ?End the Occupation in Iraq.?  We did.  Two months ago.  The second-most-popular sign was ?No Draft, No Way.?  There?s been no draft for three decades now, and only Democrats are proposing one.

Typically clueless was Bryan Martin, 25, a New Yorker carrying a ?No Draft, No Way? placard.  Following is a verbatim transcript of this columnists? conversation with Mr. Martin:

Joel Mowbray

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