Joel Mowbray

  But when Israel is to blame, CAIR seems to be very much ?in the business of condemning.?

  After Israel recently killed the founder of Hamas?a man responsible for the deaths of 52 mostly young Palestinian suicide bombers and 377 mostly civilian Israelis?CAIR saw fit to ?condemn? the Jewish state without a moment?s pause.  In its press release, CAIR said it ?condemned the assassination of a wheelchair-bound Palestinian Muslim religious leader, calling it an act of ?state terrorism.??

  CAIR couldn?t bring itself to call the founder of one of the bloodiest terrorist organizations on earth even a ?militant,? let alone a ?terrorist.?  To them, a man with the blood of over 400 people on his hands was a handicapped ?religious leader.?  Seems awfully instructive about the kind of Islam they must follow if they label terrorist masterminds ?religious leaders.?

  All of this could be happily ignored if CAIR was some fringe organization, but it is not.  The group represents Muslims in the media and to the government and touts itself in its press releases as ?America's largest Islamic civil liberties group? with ?25 regional offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada.?

  Read a news story on American Muslims or on Islamic terrorism or flip on a cable news channel, and there is CAIR, being held up as the representative of American Muslims.

  But what kind of American Muslim would want to be represented by a group that refuses to condemn the brutal murder of four Americans or any number of different terrorist organizations? 

  Let?s hope not many.

Joel Mowbray

Joel Mowbray, who got his start with, is an award-winning investigative journalist, nationally-syndicated columnist and author of Dangerous Diplomacy: How the State Department Threatens America's Security.

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