Joe Lhota

In a move better suited to a liberal rag than a legitimate conservative journal, Romney Advisor Cesar Conda recently undertook the strange tact of criticizing Rudy Giuliani for cutting taxes by $9 billion, while praising Romney, despite the Cato Institute’s analysis that he raised fees by over $500 million and proposed hundreds of millions more in business tax increases.

Here is the truth, Mr. Conda.

I would match Rudy Giuliani’s pro-growth record of cutting taxes, reducing city spending and creating private-sector jobs against that of Mitt Romney any day of the week. Rudy Giuliani cut New York City income tax rates by over 20%; he cut business taxes, sales taxes, property related taxes, and nuisance taxes. He is the most successful tax cutter in modern New York history. In fact, The Club for Growth wrote: “In a city long accustomed to high taxes and ballooning budgets, Rudy Giuliani successfully cut taxes; kept spending below the growth of inflation and population; instituted sweeping welfare reform; privatized and deregulated many aspects of the city's bulky bureaucracy; and fought aggressively for school choice."

For example, Rudy Giuliani cut the 12.5% Income Tax Surcharge. It was one of the first taxes he proposed eliminating when he came to office in 1994, and he succeeded in eliminating it as part of a budget deal. If you criticize Mr. Giuliani for doing so as part of a deal, then you criticize him for attempting to cut profligate spending proffered by the Democratic City Council; indeed, Rudy Giuliani supported the elimination of the 12.5% surcharge; he simply opposed a Democratic Budget that included increases in City Spending.

Joe Lhota

Joe Lhota served as New York City’s deputy mayor for operations (1998 - 2001) and budget director (1995 – 1999) during the administration of Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

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