Joe Lhota

Posted October 05, 2007

The reality is Mr. Romney has made campaign promises regarding taxes in the past, promises that certainly didn’t translate into tax relief for the citizens of Massachusetts.

Posted September 07, 2007

In a move better suited to a liberal rag than a legitimate conservative journal, Romney Advisor Cesar Conda recently undertook the strange tact of criticizing Rudy Giuliani for cutting taxes by $9 billion, while praising Romney, despite the Cato Institute’s analysis that he raised fees by over $500 million and proposed hundreds of millions more in business tax increases.

Posted June 08, 2007

In the early nineties, New York City was said to be ungovernable, out of control, and crime ridden beyond reversal. Tourists no longer felt safe visiting the Big Apple, city residents were constantly looking over their shoulders, and leaders in government had let everyone down by not attacking the crime problem. In 1993, there were almost 2,000 murders, and each week more than 11,000 major crimes were committed.