Joanne  Moudy

And this is where it gets sleazy.

Following McSally’s loss, her communications manager, Sam Stone, met with Barber’s staff to coordinate Kelly’s demise. According to Barber’s advisor, Rod McLeod, McSally believed that if Barber won in the special election, then she would be free to go head-to-head against him in the regular election. Per McSally’s shenanigans, Kelly narrowly lost and the liberal socialist, Barber, was elected to office.

As expected, McSally started her campaign all over again and did run against Barber in the following regular 2012 election. But district republicans were weary of McSally’s guerilla tactics and stayed away from the polls, giving Barber a second victory.

Now McSally’s back for a third try – and surprise, surprise, she’s up to her old tricks. Last week her supporters filed a lawsuit in Pima County Superior Court against her only viable opponent, Chuck Wooten, a retired US Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant.

Suspicions run very high that the frivolous lawsuit was funded by McSally’s campaign and orchestrated by the RNC machinery. The suit, filed by radical Shaun McClusky and questionable Lori Oein, charged that 444 signatures collected on petitions for Wooten were invalid because they claimed that initially Wooten’s own party affiliation was shown as ‘undeclared.’ However, according to Arizona state law, a candidate’s party affiliation only needs to be declared at the time of filing, which Wooten complied with.

Wooten’s attorney, Jack Wilenchik, immediately filed a Motion to Dismiss. After a week of processing, the case was heard on Wednesday in Pima County Superior Court with the Honorable Judge Gus Aragon presiding.

Since the case was completely frivolous, it took only a few minutes for the judge to grant Wooten’s Motion to Dismiss. But in order to achieve that decision, approximately 20 government employees, many of them high-priced attorneys, had to respond to McSally’s baloney suit and then appear in court.

The ridiculous, one-week lawsuit effectively cost the taxpayers of Arizona State and Pima and Cochise Counties an estimated $70–$100 thousand dollars, not to mention several large evergreen trees. The entire escapade had one goal – to undermine our free election process (something she’s skilled at).

After the hearing Wilenchik issued this statement. “We strongly believe that the lawsuit was funded by Martha McSally’s campaign, even though she chose not to show her face in court. We believe they also filed the lawsuit with the express purpose of causing Mr. Wooten to spend money on attorney fees instead of his campaign. Her action was groundless and filed in bad faith.”

McSally ignores the obvious fact that Wooten has a First Amendment right to run for office, as did Kelly. As her only interest seems to be sabotaging elections, one can extrapolate that the constitution is meaningless to her.

Is that really what we want in Washington?

Right now McSally appears completely unaccountable. Riding primarily on her very low time as a ‘combat pilot,’ she believes the rest of us should take her on face value that she’ll do the right thing in Congress. Personally, that’s kind of a hard pill to swallow after all she’s done to the voters.

Given that McSally refuses to face her primary opponents in a debate and has yet to clarify her stand on issues like national defense, amnesty, border closure, base closure, healthcare, abortion, marriage and/or religious freedom, why any voter would trust her is perplexing.

Based upon her repeated subterfuge, she must believe herself above the law and thus – an elite. If nothing else, her approach to running a campaign most assuredly gives wide-angle perspective on how she’ll operate if she ever manages to win an election.

Before Wednesday I’d only met Wooten once, but as an individual who earned the second highest position in all of the USAF enlisted ranks and at one point controlled more than 17 thousand troops, I’m guessing he isn’t afraid to do honest battle, even with McSally. If Wednesday’s events are any indication, it appears Wooten is a true statesman and McSally is altogether – something else.

Joanne Moudy

Joanne Moudy is the author of “The Tenth,” a paranormal thriller exploring the very real trauma of abortion in a fictional realm. She proudly served as an officer in the military for nine years, before specializing in emergency nursing until retirement. She speaks regularly on the subjects of religious freedom, traditional marriage, and pro-life, and the impact of liberalism and secularism on all of humanity. You can follow her on Twitter @composedof1.