Jillian Bandes

Posted October 28, 2010

In his final push against Republican Pat Toomey in the Pennsylvania Senate race, an advertisement from Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak features a bag of feces collected from his family dog.

Posted October 26, 2010

Republican Congressional candidate Lou Barletta has a secret weapon: Betty Crocker. A team of bakers have carpet-bombed his campaign with lemon cake and peanut thumbprints.

Posted October 22, 2010

The Jews made it out of Egypt and survived the Seven Day war. They can also probably save Pat Toomey’s Senate campaign.

Posted October 21, 2010

Kristi Noem has been dubbed the “next Sarah Palin,” but she’s keen on distancing herself from that title.

Posted October 20, 2010

In city after city, scores of Floridians came to cheer Marco Rubio's campaign, which has been enjoying a double-digit lead for several weeks now.

Posted October 18, 2010

Tight elections in the Senate, Governor's, and 8th, 24th, and 25th districts have now decidedly swung rightward, after Obama’s agenda provided easy campaign fodder for Florida independents.

Posted October 09, 2010

The Florida governor’s debate on Friday night took talking points and platitudes to a new low.

Posted October 07, 2010

The winner of the best punch-line for last night's Florida Senate debate goes to Charlie Crist, who probably needs the humor more than anyone else.

Posted October 06, 2010

Crazy old Alan Grayson is enjoying the spoils of a third party candidate who insists that she’s not a third party candidate.

Posted September 29, 2010

A new poll shows Florida Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson 7 points behind Republican challenger Dan Webster. This development warrants a little review of Grayson's, uh, colorful history.

Posted September 27, 2010

Comedian Jon Stewart's "Restoring Sanity" rally pokes fun at overzealous political activism, but it's hard not to see how it doesn't attack the Right more than it attacks the Left.

Posted September 24, 2010

The West Virginia Senate race was blown wide-open by a new poll that put Republican John Raese’ ahead of Democratic Governor Joe Manchin, 46% to 43%.

Posted September 20, 2010

MLK, Glenn Beck, and racism: these themes are still echoing long after the conclusion of Beck's monumental rally on the anniversary of King's "I Have A Dream" speech last month.

Posted September 15, 2010

This year, attention has been shifted from political races in California to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in the Golden State.

Posted September 14, 2010

Reps. Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy and Wisconsin's Fiscal Dreamboat (WFD) — also known as Rep. Paul Ryan — are releasing a new book today that outlines their plan for the Republican Party.

Posted September 13, 2010

The tea party has something in common with fine wine: it gets better with age. This year’s 9/12 rally came replete with the types of moveable signs that were clearly crafted with care and the types of activists who are quick on their feet with chants and chatter.

Posted September 09, 2010

Joe Miller, the GOP’s newly-minted Alaska Senate nominee, has a delicate and arguably astute take on official Republican leadership and campaign arms.