Jillian Bandes

“While I don’t yet have the financial resources to match Alan Grayson and fight back against his despicable distortions, I do have the truth on my side. That is what will lead us to victory in November so we can begin restoring honor to Central Florida and conservative principles to Washington.”

Fortunately, the Sunshine State News poll showing Webster ahead by seven was taken before the mind-numbing "Taliban Dan" ad distortion -- an ad that has been getting so much attention that is has forced Grayson to do a round of television hits defending it. On MSNBC, Grayson claimed Webster trying to “impose his bizarre religious views on the rest of us,” and quickly deflected the anchor’s counter-points by broadly declaring that Webster had a “terrible” record on women’s issues. Why? Because Webster is anti-abortion.

It's more than likely Webster's lead will grow after the incident, especially after he flies to New York this weekend for a round of interview to discuss it.

Justin Sayfie, the wizard behind the influential Florida blog “Sayfie Report,” said that comparing Dan Webster to the Taliban was “both despicable and desperate, and in doing so, Alan Grayson has permanently destroyed whatever credibility he may have had with fair-minded voters in District 8.”

Leave it to Grayson to “destroy credibility” that voters didn’t even know existed.

Jillian Bandes

Jillian Bandes is the National Political Reporter for Townhall.com