Jillian Bandes

"Of the few exemptions included in the reconciliation bill, there is no mention of the brave men and women in the military and our veterans who sustained injuries defending this country," he said in a release. "My amendment would prevent this new tax from raising costs or hurting access for American soldiers and veterans."

Then there was the amendment by Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) exclude pediatric devices from the medical device tax. Children frequently require devices to be replaced more frequently because they are growing, and taxing them is likely to impose hardship.

But fifty-seven Democratic Senators, including Reid, Boxer, Specter and Lincoln voted to tax disabled children.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had confirmed on Monday that Tuesday night's votes were designed to make Democratic Senators take the hardest votes of their life.

“What we intend to talk about are the things upon which there is not broad agreement: the massive Medicare cuts, the massive tax increases, made even more dramatic in this bill that they want to try to pass here in the Senate this week,” said McConnell.

Sen. John Thune was also enthusiastic about the votes taken Tuesday when speaking to reporters on Tuesday afternoon.

“Our amendments strike at the very core of all the promises they have made and that have been broken,” said Thune.

Jillian Bandes

Jillian Bandes is the National Political Reporter for Townhall.com