Jillian Bandes

“Some people don’t like Dawn Johnsen because she’s a liberal feminist. Okay, fine — if you’re President, you don’t have to name somebody like that to the Office of Legal Counsel,” wrote Glenn Reynolds, law professor at the University of Tennessee. “But the chance that Obama will name someone who’s to the right of Dawn Johnsen is relatively low, so if you succeed in knocking her off, you’ll still get a lefty. Just a different one.”

Orin Kerr, a professor at George Washington University, opined back in 2009 that Johnsen’s appointment was similar to the partisan appointees that Democrats complained about back in the Bush administration.

“I think Johnsen is qualified for the job. On the merits, and given the deference a President is owed in his executive nominees, I think she should be confirmed,” wrote Kerr.

Jillian Bandes

Jillian Bandes is the National Political Reporter for Townhall.com