Jillian Bandes

The new proposal would subsidize premiums and enact regulation on different private plans is by running all of American health care through the Office of Personnel Management, which oversees the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program. FEHBC currently served only federal employees, which one analyst says is a kind of "premium support" for health care.

Employees pay about a quarter of the cost of their plan, and the government enforces standards of coverage. It could regulate insurance company profits, and possibly even the coverage of pre-existing conditions. The plan extends into the employee’s retirement.

Former OPM director Linda Springer said that the agency would have to undergo significant expansion if it were to oversee so many more people. She also expressed doubt that OPM would be able to serve its primary constituents, federal workers, with a new massive influx of Americans.

Jillian Bandes

Jillian Bandes is the National Political Reporter for Townhall.com