Jillian Bandes

Sarah Palin, Steve Forbes, and Glenn Beck have all lined up for Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in the New York-23 race, while Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava suffers from fundraising woes and an all-out attack by at least a dozen conservative organizations.

Those organizations have called for the resignation of Scozzafava, saying her credentials as a conservative are slim to none. The endorsements of Hoffman and the backlash against Scozzafava have thrown the contest further into the national spotlight and solidifying it as a key litmus test for a Republican Party on the rebound.

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The coordinated attack by conservative outlets came on the heels of a curveball thrown by Dede Scozzafava herself, after she called the cops on Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack when he repeatedly asked her about her stance on pro-union card check legislation. Scozzafaza has supported card check in addition to the Obama stimulus package, same-sex marriage, cap-and-trade, and abortion rights.

“To call Scozzafava a RINO is an insult to RINOs,” wrote Matthew Cunningham of Red County in a post titled “The NRCC Should Drop-Kick Scozzafava.”

The National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) and the Republican National Committee have given cash to Scozzafava and both organizations reiterated their support for the candidate despite widespread conservative outcry.

“The NRCC supports the Republican candidates in the general election. That’s our policy in the past and that’s our policy moving forward,” said John Randall, spokesman for the NRCC.

"This race is a priority, and we continue to support the Republican candidate,” said Gail Gitcho, RNC press secretary.

The Washington Examiner’s editorial board expressed a common reaction to these affirmations.

“Donors to the RNC and the NRCC…should demand their money back,” they wrote.

Conservative critics pointed to the similarities between Scozzafava and Democratic candidate Bill Owens, which is why Conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman has made significant inroads in the race. Just yesterday, Hoffman was endorsed by Ken Blackwell, Rep. Michelle Bachman, and former Majority Leader Dick Armey.

McCormack, the Weekly Standard reporter that dealt with the cops after questioning Scozzafava, said the entire race represents an embarrassment to the Republican Party.

Jillian Bandes

Jillian Bandes is the National Political Reporter for Townhall.com