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Welcome to the chat everyone! I'm really looking forward to taking your questions and having some live interaction with our readers.

I'm going to take a question that was in the comment section to start out.

Will: You went to the Gay March on Washington this weekend and focussed only on the looney flamboyant protestors.

My question is: why did you never focus on the loons and goons at the Tea Party protests? Holding Hitler/Obama signs, spouting nonsense, swastika emblems, the obvious Obama haters. There were plenty of fringe looney protesters there to focus on and create a "video" -- just like you did for the Gay March.

Double standards like this make you look like a "reporter" (quotes needed) who'll do anything for money - and a shill. Do you consider yourself a reporter who is fair-minded and balanced in regards to liberals?

Please explain.

Townhall.com National Political Reporter Jillian Bandes: Will -- there were a lot of crazies at the Tea Party protests. I’m remembering the libertarian anarchists and a couple of really hateful religious protesters off the top of my head – my friend said he saw a cardboard cut out of Obama in a noose, but I didn’t see that. The thing is, the left-wing media does a great job of covering these sorts of things. If you read the New York Times or Huffington Post, all you’ll see is “crazy Republican puts Obama in a noose,” and “conservative hatemongers hate the poor” – and the Obama administration didn’t recognize that the protests even existed! The fact is, most tea party protesters were there for completely benign, totally authentic reasons – smaller government, lower taxes, and privatized health care. So I decided to tell that story and poke fun at the mainstream coverage.

With the gay pride parade, however, you’ll get the opposite coverage. Here’s The New York Times: “The rally was primarily the undertaking of a new generation of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender advocates who have grown disillusioned with the movement’s leadership.” Radical fairies received approximately zero column inches. So did the girl with the giant male appendage. That stuff needs to be told.

Furthermore, and this is important – you didn’t see any naked protesters at the 9/12 March. ZERO. You also don’t see naked people at school choice rallies, campaign events, union marches, or pretty much anywhere besides homosexual rights and PETA protests. These people deserve to be made fun of for making their point this way.

Andrew Potter: I didnt see the cuddle pile in the NYTs, i might have missed it.

Jillian Bandes

Jillian Bandes is the National Political Reporter for Townhall.com