Jillian Bandes

“A President who says we must use respectful language [via hate crimes legislation] is a man who would be comfortable seeing the same deference paid” to those who think criticism of radical Islam is inappropriate, said Gaffney. Specter was a co-sponsor of the hate crimes bill that has yet to pass in the Senate. His office cited “scheduling conflicts” as the reason for his absence from the libel tourism conference.

James Walsh, Senior Counsel for Carter Ledyard and Milburn LLP, said that concern over foreign libel laws influencing U.S. policy was overblown.

“If there is a chilling effect coming over from overseas, I haven’t seen it,” he said.

But Alan Dershowitz, professor of law at Harvard University, said that resting on our laurels with regards to the situation in here isn’t enough.

“We have to export our theory,” he said, emphasizing the importance of “right” enforcement instead of procedural enforcement. “We have to persuade Great Britain that they are wrong.”

Jillian Bandes

Jillian Bandes is the National Political Reporter for Townhall.com