Jerry Newcombe

One brave parent, Dave Parker, was disturbed by what he learned was being presented to his child, so he met with the principal to remonstrate. He was told he could not take his child out of the offensive, propagandistic lessons. He wouldn’t leave until the principal agreed to at least notify him in advance. Parker was then arrested and spent a night in jail. In these United States.

The founding fathers were very explicit about protecting the rights of conscience, even if they disagreed with someone. For example, George Washington did not agree with the Quakers for not backing the Revolution (as soldiers). He could have used their help, but in good conscience, the obedient Quakers were pacifists. And Washington respected that.

Meanwhile, on 8/31/13, comes this headline from Germany, on a story by Dave Jolly: “20 Armed Police and Social Workers Forcibly Take Children From Parents For Homeschooling.”

Why are Christian parents in Germany trying to homeschool their children? In part to avoid the mandatory type sex education, with only partially correct information---often leaving the devastating consequences that can occur with sex outside of marriage, which is God’s design.

There is a German family, the Romeikes, who have sought asylum in the U. S., so they can homeschool their children. The Romeikes took them out of public schools in Germany to avoid anti-biblical teaching and false indoctrination on human sex. Secular sex-ed classes fail to recognize God’s design for sex and the devastating effects of promiscuity. Parents should decide what’s appropriate for their children; they have to deal with the results of their children’s acts.

Yet the Obama administration is actively seeking to deport the Romeikes back to Germany, where they would face the consequences of violating an anti-homeschool law that was created in 1938 when Hitler was in power.

With all due respect to President Obama, forcing little children to participate in misleading humanistic half-truths about sexuality is not the right thing to do.

No wonder President Obama sends his two daughters to a private Christian school. Who would want their children exposed to the kinds of misguided programs often found in our public schools---like those coming soon to Chicago Public Schools?

Jerry Newcombe

Dr. Jerry Newcombe is a key archivist of the D. James Kennedy Legacy Library and a Christian TV producer.