Jerry Newcombe

Is it faith based hate when the Salvation Army, closely followed by the Baptists and the Catholics, are virtually always first on the scene of any disaster to help anyone in need?

Is it faith based hate when the myriad of inner-city soup kitchens and rescue missions dish out food for the hungry out of love for Jesus? This happens daily by the millions.

Is it faith based hate when the hundreds of pregnancy care centers lovingly provide alternatives for pregnant women, so that they can keep their babies? Many young mothers are extremely happy for those Christians who provided that lifeline to them in their time of need.

Is it faith based hate when Christian education is provided at a greatly reduced price for inner city children? For example, look at all the Catholic schools in the ghetto, providing a lifeline and a future hope for children in need.

Is it faith based hate, in our day of hookups and one night stands, when Christian abstinence groups warn people of the consequences of their lifestyles---where one night’s pleasure can lead to a lifelong disease?

Otherwise, someone might well say, “Why didn’t anybody warn me of this?” Open rebuke, says the Scriptures, is better than hidden love. And no it’s not faith based hate when someone speaks the truth in love.

When the word hate gets bandied about to be applied to your opponents in the culture war, then it loses its meaning. Love is hate, and hate is love.

The Christian ideal is to love everybody, not that we all live up to it by any means. But the idea of “faith based hate,” when talking about active followers of Jesus, is an oxymoron.

Jerry Newcombe

Dr. Jerry Newcombe is a key archivist of the D. James Kennedy Legacy Library and a Christian TV producer.