Jerry Agar

Apologists for Obama, including Chicago Mayor Daley, say that Ayers terrorist bombing activities took place in turbulent times 40 years ago and we should all move on.  Really?  Suppose we dig up an unapologetic Klan member who bombed some black churches during those turbulent times.  Would Obama and all of his sycophants "move on?"

Perhaps this is why Obama could not see the problem with his minister’s wild conspiracy theories about the American government creating AIDS, selling drugs to black people and controlling the KKK.  He took the man on as a spiritual and political advisor.  Certainly Obama has chided Wright a bit, because he was forced to, but will not “deny” him even once before the rooster crows.

Perhaps this is why Obama could not see a problem with political operative Tony Rezko, now on trial in Chicago, helping him get a mansion at a discount, even though the Chicago Tribune had outed Rezko as a shady character a year before the deal.

Perhaps this is why Obama could not see the broken, filthy, boarded up buildings Rezko was supposedly saving to create housing for the poor and disadvantaged.  This rip-off of both the taxpayers and the poor happened in the district overseen by wise State Representative Barack Obama, the caring community worker. 

Perhaps this is why Obama defended anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan’s “work in the community” even though the Senator had said that Don Imus should be fired and no one like Imus would ever work on Obama’s staff.  Imus also has worked in the community but for some reason that didn’t count.

Perhaps it is that Barack Obama lacks a true moral compass. 

He certainly lacks judgment.

Jerry Agar

Jerry Agar is one of the newest stars in talk radio. After many years as a disc jockey and music radio morning show host he turned to talk radio at WPTF in Raleigh, North Carolina.