Jennifer Roback Morse

Dennis Prager recently argued that the Left values equality more than it hates evil. He is absolutely right. But I can go Dennis Prager one better: the Left hates sex. Not sexual activity, mind you. No, the Left is hyper-active sexually. I mean something much deeper: the Left is war with the fact that we are sexual beings.

Let me explain. The Left can not accept that we are born as either male or female. You might expect me to say that the Left hates gender. But to say that is to accept their terms for the debate. Gender is for nouns. We come in two sexes: male and female.

The Left hates sex because men and women are so different that they can never be made equal in the way that the Left demands. Radical egalitarians regard sex as a cosmic injustice.  The Left demands that we wipe out all sex differences from our social and legal lives.  If we trace this imperative through the different policies advocated by the Left, we will see how truly destructive this mentality has been for relationships between men and women, for the protection of marriage, and for the protection of the family.

This assault on sex first emerged with the subject of income equality. This mind-set has never been at peace with the fact that child-bearing places distinct demands on both women and men. Men tend to work more steadily in the paid labor force throughout their lives, while women tend to cut back on their labor force participation during their child-bearing years. As long as men and women can cooperate throughout their lives in marriage, both men and women can be made better off by combining these different economic strategies. Men may have a larger amount written on their paychecks, but their wives get the benefit of their earning power.

“Gender Equality” has worked well as an issue for the Left. They were unsuccessful at building a mass political movement for income equality, even at the height of the Great Depression. Eliminating wage differences between men and women gave them the political entree into regulating wages and working conditions that they never could have achieved any other way.

But the Left’s war on sex differences transcends the merely political, and pops up in the most personal ways.  For instance, most first-time parents slide into “stereo-typical gender roles.”  Studies show that people who embrace gender equality are likely to be upset by the arrival of their first child.  Because of their deep commitment to equality, they often become angry at their partners and ultimately at themselves. Unless they can surrender their rigid Leftist gender ideology, their marriage is headed for divorce and they are headed for misery.

Jennifer Roback Morse

Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., is the author of Smart Sex: Finding Life-long Love In A Hook-up World. She blogs at

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