Jennifer Biddison

Taxes are due this week, and that means conservatives are champing at the bit to reform both the tax system and the onerous congressional pork. Along those lines, I’ll tell you below about Tax Freedom Day and the Pig Book.  In addition, I’ll tell you about an unbelievable scandal involving a House appropriator, and two annual ratings that have just been released.

Tax Day Galvanizes the Right

Once a year, Americans are reminded how much of their paychecks are usurped by the federal bureaucracy, and the shock can be enough to convert the most hardcore liberal into a fiscal conservative. I’ve seen it happen.

Taxpayer groups take advantage of this conversion opportunity every April, and this year is no different. Americans for Tax Reform held a rally yesterday to call for lower taxes. An upcoming book demonstrates how women in particular have reason to complain. And a new National Taxpayers Union study outlines how complex we’ve allowed our tax laws to become.

Most interesting to me, however, is Tax Freedom Day®. Every year, the Tax Foundation calculates how many days it takes the average American to pay off the government before he can start working for himself. This year the date is April 26. In other words, nearly one-third of our salaries will go toward running the government instead of running our families! 

"Despite all the tax cuts that the federal government has passed recently,” says Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge, "Americans will still spend more on taxes than they spend on food, clothing and housing combined."

This year the average American will spend 77 days working for the federal government, and 39 more for his state and local governments.

Now if only we could move Election Day to April 16 to keep our spendaholic congressional leaders in the front of voters’ minds.

Pig Book Exposes $29 Billion in Pork

Even if we can’t change Election Day, Citizens Against Government Waste has another way to shame congressional porkers: its annual Pig Book.