Jennifer Biddison

Liberals dominate both televised media and academia these days, and two sets of awards announced this week expose the most obscene offenders in each realm.  In this week’s roundup of the conservative movement, I’ll tell you about these awards, as well as discuss which groups are speaking up on immigration, PACs that have a policy focus, and an anti-earmark bus tour.

Media Research Center DisHonors Awards

Thursday night I was surrounded by an impressive group of conservative Who’s Whos at the Media Research Center’s annual gala.  We were there to pay disrespects to liberal reporters (in absentia, of course) as part of the annual DisHonors Awards.

In a program that included Townhall columnists Cal Thomas, Tony Blankley, Linda Chavez, and Larry Kudlow, the nominees in five different DisHonor categories were announced.  Chris Matthews won two: the Slam Uncle Sam Award for calling Jane Fonda’s sympathy toward North Koreans “objective,” and the Cindy Sheehan Media Hero Award for encouraging Sheehan to run for Congress.

CNN’s Jack Cafferty won the Send Bush to Abu Ghraib Award for admitting on air how much he wanted to see Karl Rove wear a prison jumpsuit.  Rosie O’Donnell won the I’m Not a Political Genius But I Play One on TV Award for calling President Bush a war criminal.  Conservative powerhouse M. Stanton Evans said in his “acceptance” speech for O’Donnell that the comedienne “went to charm school on a football scholarship.”