Jennifer Biddison

Since I launched this column ten days ago, many of you have written to me, thankful to have the “inside scoop” on the Washington, D.C. policy world.  I’m happy to provide it!  While many are still arguing about the UAE port deal and panicking about the “civil war” that’s supposedly breaking out in Iraq, the rest of you are hungering to find out what the mainstream media is missing.  Here’s this week’s report.

1. The RSC Releases its 2006 Legislative Agenda

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), hero of taxpayers, chairs the Republican Study Committee (RSC) – known as the true conservative arm of the U.S. House of Representatives. The RSC released its top ten legislative priorities last week, setting into motion a national agenda that right-minded organizations are already getting behind.

The ten priorities are below, with links to more information about some of the different components.

1. Make the Tax Cuts Permanent, including the repeal of the marriage-tax penalty and the death tax and passing fundamental tax reform.

2. Pass Budget Process Reform, which includes budgeting for emergencies with a rainy day fund, instituting a sunset commission for federal programs, instituting a constitutional line-item veto, and making the budget resolution carry the force of law.

3. Pass another Deficit Reduction Bill in the form of budget reconciliation to reign in autopilot spending, which has risen from 25% of all federal spending in 1963 to 54% today, and is expected to reach nearly 60% in 2014. 

4. Pass Ethics Reform that requires transparency and earmark reform that permits Members of Congress to strike earmarks on the House floor.