Jennifer Biddison

In my role as’s Coalitions Manager, my job is to track the goings-on of 115 right-leaning organizations. I hear and read about all kinds of interesting things on a daily basis and want to start sharing these with you. Now, you can be the one “in the know” at your dinner table or cocktail parties. And I bet you won’t give me credit either, will you?

1. John McCain attempts to squelch your freedoms – again

In the typical reactionary style perfected by Congress, John McCain is trying to fix the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal by taking away more rights from average Americans.  The Lobbying Transparency and Accountability Act of 2005 (S. 2128 / H.R. 4575) includes a provision (Section 105) that would significantly reduce the ability of grassroots organizations to express themselves. How ironic that nonprofit organizations and everyday people are being targeted in this legislation, when the ones at the heart of the Abramoff affair were congressional staffers and corporate lobbyists. I mean, why stop at the corrupt guy when you can punish all the rest of us, right?