Jennifer Biddison

Posted July 28, 2006

Here are five items that you may have missed, but that are sure to get a reaction if you bring them up at your neighborhood BBQ this weekend.

Posted June 02, 2006

Democrats need a new 2006 campaign issue.  It seems their "culture of corruption" accusations regarding the Republican Party have come back to bite them in the rear.

Posted April 18, 2006

Taxes are due this week, and that means conservatives are champing at the bit to reform both the tax system and the onerous congressional pork. Along those lines, I'll tell you below about Tax Freedom Day and the Pig Book.  In addition, I'll tell you about an unbelievable scandal involving a House appropriator, and two annual ratings that have just been released.

Posted April 04, 2006

In this week’s roundup of the conservative movement, I’ll tell you about these awards, as well as discuss which groups are speaking up on immigration, PACs that have a policy focus, and an anti-earmark bus tour.

Posted March 28, 2006

When Animal Liberation Front activists destroy private property in ill-advised attempts to save animals, local authorities drag them to jail and the media dismisses the eco-terrorists as being part of a "fringe" group. But when federal regulators destroy the value of private property while trying to save endangered species, national authorities turn their backs. Why the double-standard?

Posted March 22, 2006

Congress may be out of session this week, but that doesn’t mean the policy world has stopped turning.  Here are just a few things you should know about but may not find in the media headlines.

Posted March 14, 2006

After reading recent media reports, you’d think we all need to give up fish right now in order to avoid dying from too much mercury consumption.  Eat too much sushi, and you might as well be the next one chopped up and dipped in soy sauce.  But how much faith should we really put into these reports?

Posted March 07, 2006

While many are still arguing about the UAE port deal and panicking about the “civil war” that’s supposedly breaking out in Iraq, the rest of you are hungering to find out what the mainstream media is missing.  Here’s this week’s report.

Posted February 28, 2006

Do you remember the day you found out one of your role models was imperfect?  Perhaps you saw your mom punish the wrong sibling for breaking a vase, or you heard your kindergarten teacher swear.  I’m finding myself just as disillusioned right now with several of our nation’s prominent Christians.

Posted February 24, 2006

Ever feel like you just don't know about everything that's happening on all the many fronts of the conservative movement? I hear and read about all kinds of interesting things on a daily basis and want to start sharing these with you.  Now, you can be the one “in the know” at your dinner table or cocktail parties. 

Posted February 22, 2006

Radio is not the only talk venue where conservatives are making their mark. Dozens of conservative organizations are hopping aboard a new trend called podcasting.

Posted February 01, 2006

Imagine you and I dropped everything and went on a trip right now – a tour of economic freedom throughout the world.  Where do you think we’d begin?  The United States?  Europe?  No, we’d leave the Western world behind and start our journey in East Asia.

Posted December 31, 2005

Posted December 22, 2005

In our lawsuit-happy society, it seems you can’t trust anyone these days.

Posted December 08, 2005

More than 100 of the top legal experts in the country – both liberal and conservative – have put their brains and expertise together to unveil what our Founding Fathers really meant when they wrote the Constitution more than 200 years ago. 

Posted December 01, 2005

As you walk around the mall this month, notice how many store signs skip “Merry Christmas” in favor of a general, meaningless holiday greeting.

Posted November 04, 2005

Freedom Alliance is protecting American interests abroad and standing up for our men and women in uniform. 

Posted October 28, 2005

When the experts grow concerned, Americans start to take notice. Take the work of the team at Tech Central Station on the avian flu, for example.

Posted October 21, 2005

When Young America’s Foundation released a list of the Top Ten Conservative Colleges late last year, it was no surprise that Grove City College made the list. 

Posted October 14, 2005

Since little is known about Miers, many organizations have adopted a “wait-and-see” approach. Still, a surprising number of scholars are boldly speaking out against a nomination that they believe betrays the core principles of the conservative movement.