Jeffery Ventrella

Unfortunately, the grip of secular humanism on our universities affects everything it touches. A Christian law student still drinks from the tainted cup that passes for a legal education. Rather than enjoy the majesty of the Founders’ beliefs, students generally learn little more than the last half-century of Supreme Court decisions that proclaim “rights” to abortion, sodomy, and the shuttering of religion in public. Many law professors barely blink while professing a constitutional right to nude dancing yet proclaim that the free exercise of religion is an outdated concept or one that should remain private. Thus a return to the thoughts of our Founding Fathers and a Christian perspective on law is vital.

Will students at our law schools learn that Thomas Jefferson wrote a guide to the Gospels and attended worship services in U.S. Capitol? That the First Amendment was meant, in part, to protect religion from the state, and not vice versa? Or of the importance of natural law—that laws created by men must abide by a higher law lest they be unjust, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., rightly argued—in the development of our country and Constitution?

This is unlikely, at best. The modern legal education shuns the heritage of our legal system and history, yet continues to justify and advocate for additional “rights” if they fulfill a secular mindset. It is challenging enough for Christians to simply withstand such indoctrination, let alone to combat it, without a proper foundation and support.

To restore the legal system the Founders intended, we must commit ourselves to restoring truth in American law schools. Men who crafted the Constitution envisioned more than simply books of laws that catalogue our current desires and whims. James Madison said, “It is universally admitted that a well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.” The Blackstone Legal Fellowship instructs law students in the legal principles and philosophy the Founders thought crucial for the permanence of freedom, a freedom under which everyone flourishes because this envisioned liberty—our First Liberty—frees us to pursue virtue, not vice.

Jeffery Ventrella

Jeffery J. Ventrella is senior vice president of strategic training with the Alliance Defense Fund, a legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the Truth through strategy, training, funding, and litigation (, and is author of the new book, The Cathedral Builder: Pursuing Cultural Beauty. More information on the Blackstone Legal Fellowship can be found here.