Jeff Crouere

Without enough young people using Obamacare, the cost for the plan will skyrocket. The President is depending on millions of young Americans signing up on the exchanges to offset the costs of caring for older Americans. Clearly, this hope will not be realized since most young people will not be able to afford Obamacare.

The American people have seen enough of the healthcare debate and remain opposed to Obamacare. A new Fox News poll shows that 54 percent of voters would “like to see all or part of the health care law repealed.” In addition, 57 percent support the House Republican position and would prefer the law delayed for a year.

The poll also shows that the vast majority of Americans (76%) are happy with their current health care coverage. The problem for Americans is that their current coverage will be changed dramatically due to Obamacare. Thus, it is no surprise that by a 52-36 percent margin voters believe that the current health care system is better than Obamacare for their own family.

After a few days of Obamacare, Huelskamp nicely summarized our dilemma, “We knew it was unpopular. We knew it was unaffordable and now we know it is unworkable.”

Jeff Crouere

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