Jeff  Carter

Peter Berkowitz wrote an editorial in the Wall Street Journal today about Conservatives and compromise. In it, he cites Reagan compromising with Democrats to get a lot of his agenda passed. He also cites William F. Buckley’s big tent conservative principles as a guidebook for the future.

I don’t disagree that conservatism is a big tent movement-and that in the last election cycle the Tea Party blew a couple of Senate elections by putting forth bad candidates. I think they call that “learning”.

I challenge Mr. Berkowitz presumption of compromise on a few key issues.

Obamacare. Where is the compromise between socialized medicine and a medical system based on the free market? I think everyone in America can agree that our present health care system is economically messed up-but should we quietly acquiesce to socialized medicine? There is no compromise between Obamacare and a voucher system like Paul Ryan envisions.

Jeff Carter

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