Jeanne Monahan

President Obama is an exceptional orator and knows how to choose his words well. However in the end, while words hold a certain power, the intrinsic reality behind words is what really matters. It frequently has been the case that statements made by the Obama Administration either contradict themselves or do not accurately or transparently convey the reality they are communicating. In particular, abortion and all things related have been victim to deceptive rhetoric during the Obama Administration, with the truth behind the words seldom portrayed.

Most recently and dramatically this was witnessed during the healthcare debate. There are many examples to choose from, the most obvious being the Blair House Summit when the President dismissed charges of abortion funding in the healthcare bill as “inaccurate” and “Republican talking points” but then later contradicted his words by signing the now infamous (and impotent) anti-abortion Executive Order. Put simply, why would the president sign an Executive Order preventing something he claimed wasn’t there to begin with?

One other poignant example occurred just prior to the vote on March 22. Speaker Pelosi and other female Representatives claimed they were proud that “being a woman would no longer be a pre-existing condition.” One ponders what such words mean. We can all agree that no one should be excluded from medical benefits because of gender. Rather, Speaker Pelosi was equating being a woman with the ability to have a taxpayer-funded abortion (along with many others, I would argue that having an abortion is the antithesis of being a woman). The honest reality behind the words “being a woman is a pre-existing condition” is that abortion will now be supported by American taxpayer dollars. The Speaker’s statement was ironic and contradicted the press release on the Executive Order issued from the White House earlier that day. To borrow a phrase from the President, maybe the Democrats lost their “talking points.”

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Jeanne Monahan

Jeanne Monahan is the Director of the Center for Human Dignity at the Family Research Council.