J.D. Thorpe

The Boehner plan is not a sensible option. It’s the embodiment of cowardice and treason to conservatism. If conservatives permit this bill to pass, it will severely diminish the remaining confidence that they are capable of overcoming the challenges that will enable America to restore our constitutionally limited government.

We must recognize that this is our last chance to set things right. Compromising on our fiscal principles does not merely kick the can down the road. The consequences are much more dire. It stomps on the accelerator – ensuring that we reach top speed when we plunge off of the cliff.

This is our moment to take a stand and attempt to change the unsustainable course we are on. Doing nothing or making negligible cuts will seal a Greece-like fate for our future. This is not intended to scare people through fear-mongering or demagoguery. It’s the simple reality of our situation.

Coalescing to the Boehner plan sends a clear signal to the world. It raises the white flag for conservative and proclaims that we accept the permanency of big government.