J.D. Thorpe

This was an efficacious strategy in 2008 because then Senator Obama didn’t have much of a legislative record and thus had little baggage for which opponents could attack. In the absence of a substantive record, the case could be more easily made that the better judgment of Obama’s detractors was clouded by their innate racial prejudices.

But 2012 will be a very different election. Obama will have a four year record in the White House that voters will be able to scrutinize in order to determine his degree of worthiness for a second term.

No longer can the Obama camp run solely on high-flown rhetoric or dishonest character assassinations. After four years the Obama administration owns the economy and will be forced to defend the 9.2 percent unemployment rate, astronomical deficits, and economy-crushing regulations.

The race baiters will have to develop a new strategy this election. If they choose not to, and continue to pursue the race-based strategy, they will find on Election Day that merit and substance trump the race card.